About Us

KerdaIP is an easy-to-use online IP portal developed by Kashish IP Group, serving IP Rights portfolio management software to its clients. This robust online platform offers a smooth experience and interaction to the users by enabling them to manage and operate all their files entrusted to the firm. It helps the clients to combine and administer their case progress, file status, generate reports of their cases, to name a few.

KerdaIP also provides its clients with a unique facility of online fee calculator tool that helps the clients in obtaining integrated IP fee quotations for various IP related services instantaneously in more than 150 countries serviced by the firm. It not only increases efficiency but also profitability while helping its clients to refine their strategy by receiving an updated quotation instantly. KerdaIP fee calculator tool understands the requirements of the users and gives the consolidated fee quotations in its clean presentation and extraordinary design. It has an intuitive user experience with a great sense of responsiveness and responsibility.

KerdaIP strives to build long-term association with its clients by providing them with systematic, productive and user-friendly software for safeguarding their business interests and efficiently managing their IP Rights.